Upcycled Soft Denim Fiber Shawl
Upcycled Soft Denim Fiber Shawl
Upcycled Soft Denim Fiber Shawl


Upcycled Soft Denim Fiber Shawl

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Stay cozy and stylish with our Upcycled Soft Denim Fiber Shawl. Crafted with soft, frayed edges, this lightweight shawl offers perfect warmth and coverage in a classic blend of cream and navy threads. Enjoy the gentle embrace of its delicate texture on chilly evenings or breezy days, and pair it effortlessly with jeans or any casual attire. Embrace the comfort and charm of eco-conscious living!

  • Measures 72" x 22"
  • Hand Wash or Machine wash gentle in a mess bag
  • Material: Upcycled & Chemical-Free 100% Cotton from The New Denim Project®, rice, cinnamon & cloves

At Upavim Crafts, we're proud to embrace sustainability and eco-friendliness in partnership with The New Denim Project® . This collaboration combines environmental consciousness and social responsibility.

The New Denim Project, a third-generation Guatemalan textile mill, champions circular manufacturing by repurposing discarded denim and clothing scraps from local garment factories. They meticulously sort, clean, and transform these remnants into fundamental fibers and then into new yarns. This entire process is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes, conserving precious resources and avoiding synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, and acrylic. The cottonseed and cotton lint byproducts are used as compost by local coffee growers in Guatemala.

At UPAVIM, we use these eco-responsible fabrics to create Fair Trade certified products. Your purchase from this collection directly supports UPAVIMAs, our school and scholarship programs in Guatemala's outskirts, making it an eco-friendly choice that uplifts local communities and promotes ethical production practices. It's a win-win for the environment and society, all embodied in these extraordinary products.