Lavender - 11 oz Lavender Soy Candle
Lavender - 11 oz Lavender Soy Candle

TLC Candle Co.

Lavender - 11 oz Lavender Soy Candle

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Notes: Lavender, Citrus, Amber, Eucalyptus

Close your eyes and be transported to your favorite spa, the rolling lavender fields of France or in to a deep sleep. With ‘Lavender’ by TLC, all of these things are within reach. Finding your inner serenity, grace and calmness, prepare to breath easy with ‘Lavender’; reducing stress, headaches and giving better sleep.

Please note: All 11 oz. soy candles within Citrus, Floral, Holiday, Earthy and Clean scents and seasonal scents come packaged within a white vessel displaying our logo and white decorated reusable tin.

Size: 11oz
Burn time:
Ingredients: Pure soy wax and essential oil based fragrance with lead free wicks