Fierce Votive Ceramic Vessel – Costa Del Azahar
Fierce Votive Ceramic Vessel – Costa Del Azahar

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Fierce Votive Ceramic Vessel – Costa Del Azahar

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Notes: Orange Flower, Water Lilly, Orriswood & Vetiver

Costa Del Azahar literally means “The Orange Blossom Coast” – set on the coast of Spain. If scent can evoke emotion, then take me back to where I first remember the pure delight of orange flower, water lilly, orriswood and vetiver. Was it the coast of Spain? Or was it the French pastry shop, the Florida beach, a Hawaiian getaway or a spring in Arizona? Ahhhh… take me there.

Product Details: Elevate your décor with a candle perfectly hand poured for your space. The Fierce candle features mouth-blown white glass with patterns evoking animal print. Light shines through the soft grinded for a glow equal part elegant and fun. Our candles are made from 100% natural soy wax with all natural fragrance and lead free wicks. Each soy candle is hand poured and the cement vessel is easily reusable in your home.

Please note: Vessel is soft white carved ceramic glass with a green background to shine the light through the jar. Each soy candle is complete with two lead free, cotton wicks for an even burn.

Size: 4" x 4" x 5"
Burn time: 50 - 60 hrs
Ingredients: Pure soy wax and essential oil-based fragrance with lead free wicks